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Top 10 Scuba Fins for 2022

Today I'm breaking down ten of my favourite fins right now in 2022 in ten different categories. I've focused on more scuba-specific fins instead...

Top 10 Dive Computers 2022

While the gas theory is still essential for advanced diving, dive computers have eliminated the need for divers to rely upon dive tables to...

Shearwater Teric Review – Is This The Last Dive Computer You'll Ever Purchase?

Shearwater Research are renowned for their dive computers, and with the Teric, they have targeted the wristwatch-style market. In short, the Teric has all...

Suunto Eon Steel Black Review

Suunto has pulled out all the stops with the Eon Steel Black Introduction Suunto has pulled out all the stops to firmly establish the EON...

Routine Maintenance For Gear Both Pre and Post-Dive Trip

We ask our panel of experts what routine maintenance/care do they carry out on their gear both pre- and post-dive trip. MARTYN GUESS Always a hassle...

Mares launches innovative new Dive App

Mares has today launched its innovative new app, which contains a host of features designed to complement your diving adventures, all from the palm...

Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021, Reviewed & Tested

Scuba diving masks are a vital piece of your diving gear arsenal, as, without one, you will not see much underwater! A well-fitting scuba mask will make all...



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