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Scubapro unveils innovative new fin line-up



Scubapro has unveiled not one, not two but three new additions to their expanding fin range – the Go Fin, the Go Sport Gorilla, and the S-Tek Fin.

Go Fin

The Go Fin is the perfect travel companion, lightweight – size M/L weighs just 1kg a pair – yet virtually indestructible and with enough power to satisfy most recreational divers. It is now available in four new colourways – blue, yellow, pink, and turquoise. Coloured bungee straps are available optionally for those who want to colour-coordinate.

The Go Fin comes in pink...
The Go Fin comes in pink…
Turquoise Scubapro Go Fin
Turquoise Scubapro Go Fin
Yellow Scubapro Go Fin
Yellow Scubapro Go Fin
Blue Scubapro Go Fin
Blue Scubapro Go Fin

Scubapro say that the Go Fin ‘combines the benefits of an open heel fin, with the comfort and barefoot freedom of a full foot fin'. It is made from ultra-strong and durable Monprene, and has a 25-degree angled blade with a central power panel for longitudinal rigidity and to create a channeling effect. Power bars on the underside of the rails prevent overflex when the user is working hard, to maintain the optimum angle of ‘attack'.

Go Sport Gorilla

The Go Sport fin has found plenty of fans since it was rolled out, but the new Gorilla version features a slightly stiffer blade and heavy-duty bungee, providing some extra power and thrust for experienced divers who are venturing into more-demanding conditions.

The Go Sport Gorilla fin comes in orange
The Go Sport Gorilla fin comes in orange…
The Go Sport Gorilla fin comes in Black.
The Go Sport Gorilla fin comes in Black.

The Gorilla version of the Go Sport is made from a higher-grade Monprene, and boasts the same angled blade and power bars as the Go Fin. It comes in orange, and black, with black heel grips and black skegs.

S-Tek Fin

The Seawing Supernova caused a stir on release, with its innovative two-piece design, and now this foot-pocket-and-blade set-up has been carried over on to the S-Tek Fin, aimed at technical divers and those who need maximum power. This ‘next-generation' technical diving fin is also made from durable Monprene, and you can choose to make them positively buoyant, neutrally buoyant, or negatively buoyant, simply by adding or removing supplied stainless steel weights.

This unique feature means you can put two weights on to have heavy fins when you are diving in a drysuit, but then remove them to have lightweight fins when you are travelling abroad and will be in a wetsuit. You are diving the same fins, just with different characteristics.

The Scubapro S-Tek Fin
The Scubapro S-Tek Fin

The 30 degree angled vented blade has been designed to reduce leg cramps and ankle strain while delivering superior performance, and Scubapro say the S-Tek Fin excels in frog kicks, backward kicks and helicopter turns, as well as producing a high-torque flutter kick.

The S-Tek Fin splits into two parts for easy transportation
The S-Tek Fin splits into two parts for easy transportation

The full S-Tek Fin set includes the complete fins, a Multi-Tool, two sets of lock plates, a stainless steel weight system, and a boat bag. If you already own a pair of Supernovas, you can opt to just buy the blade-only (which comes with Multi-Tool, one set of lock plates, stainless steel weight system, and boat bag) as the S-Tek Fin blade is compatible with the Supernova foot pocket.

The blade positively buoyant...
The blade positively buoyant…
Neutrally buoyant...
Neutrally buoyant…
And negatively buoyant
And negatively buoyant
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