Monday, September 16, 2019

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International drug ring in Australia foiled by ‘angry’ seal

An international drug-smuggling ring has been blown wide open after two members of the gang surrendered to police in Western Australia – after being confronted by an angry seal. The drama unfolded after a yacht...
California boat fire

Report finds all crew on California dive boat were asleep when fire broke out

 A preliminary two-page report by federal investigators has said that all six crew members were asleep when the deadly fire started on a California dive boat, leaving 34 people dead. The National Transportation Safety Board...
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Mergui Archipelago: Scuba divers take the plunge from luxury yachts

Burma Boating is set to launch monthly cruises around the Mergui Archipelago, combining two of the most sought-after activities in these pristine waters – yachting and scuba diving. The SY Dallinghoo, a 30-metre classic gaff-rigged schooner...
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Egypt to create underwater military museum of armoured vehicles

For years now, governments and environmental organisations around the world have been sinking large pieces of outdated or damaged equipment into the ocean, turning them into artificial reefs. Subway carriages, naval ships, tanks and...
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Shearwater Research rank No. 255 on 2019 Growth 500

For the second year in a row, Business and Maclean’s has ranked Shearwater Research on the annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. This year, Shearwater Research ranks 255 on a...
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Deep-water survey finds shipwreck off the Orkney Islands

A deep-water survey off the Orkney Islands appears to have stumbled across the wreckage of a merchant ship sunk in World War Two by a German U-Boat. Scientists have been busy conducting surveys of the...
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New research shows baby sea urchins boost coral survival rate

New research into co-culturing – raising juvenile sea urchins alongside lab-spawned corals – has found the technique produces an eight-times-higher survival rate in young corals, and could have major implications for the restoration of...
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SSI programme Mission Deep Blue becomes Blue Oceans

Scuba Schools International (SSI) continues its mission to raise public awareness on how to protect our oceans with their free conservation-based programme, Blue Oceans. “Since its release in November 2018, we have received a lot...
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Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old skeleton in Russian Atlantis

Archaeologists working in Siberia think they may have uncovered the Queen of the ‘Russian Atlantis’ after finding a skeleton - adorned with an enormous gemstone belt buckle - that dates back more than 2,000...
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Monty Halls and family return from epic filming schedule in the Galapagos

GO Diving Show favourite Monty Halls, his wife Tamsin and their two children have arrived back home in the UK after wrapping up filming on the second series of My Family and the Galapagos. Accompanied...

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Diving Liveaboard

Is Vortex the No. 1 Luxury Scuba Diving Liveaboard?

Divers know that a diving liveaboard gives us the opportunity to reach some of the world’s greatest dive sites, and these days, you don’t...
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The 6 Best Dive Sites of the South Pacific

The 6 Best Dive Sites of the South Pacific The South Pacific is HUGE! It covers 11 million square miles stretching from the top of...
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Tulamben and Nusa Penida a twin centre with a twist

Around five years ago, I made a solo dive trip to the Indonesian island of Bali, staying in Tulamben. I thought it was great...
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Aggressor Safari Lodges – Sri Lanka

The untamed luxury of our Aggressor Safari Lodge in Sri Lanka is built on the river bank of the amazing Wilpattu National Park. Populated with leopards,...
Red Sea Diving

Top 4 Best Red Sea Diving Destinations

Red Sea Diving Red Sea diving invokes images of the distant and exotic, and yet it’s as little five or so hours flying time from...
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Modern busy life, daily hassle and stress have negative effect on human body. One of the most common way to calm down, develop inner peace...

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