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Legendary shipwreck of RMS Titanic ‘returning to nature’

 The legendary shipwreck of RMS Titanic is succumbing to a combined assault of rust, corrosive salts, metal-eating bacteria, strong currents and colonies of deep-sea creatures, with some of the most-iconic areas already gone. A team...
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Study shows manta rays form social bonds with each other

Manta rays form social relationships and actively choose their social partners, a new study has revealed. Research published today by scientists from the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Macquarie University, the University of Papua, and the...
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Thriving ecosystem shows River Thames has never been cleaner

The River Thames, which was classed as ‘biologically dead’ just 50 years ago, is now home to a positively buoyant ecosystem, which includes grey and harbour seals, tope and smooth-hound, harbour porpoises, and even...
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Children venture into ‘space’ – in Shropshire

Severntec Diving and DiveLife join forces to transport 40 teenagers ‘into zero gravity’ at the inaugural RAF-sponsored Space Camp event An event focused on all things to do with space is not something you’d expect...
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Red Sea liveaboard Whirlwind hits pinnacle, ends up on sandbank in lagoon

The award-winning Red Sea liveaboard Whirlwind was left sitting at an angle on a shallow sandbank after hitting a pinnacle and causing damage to the hull as it left its moorings last week. Thankfully, no...
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Beyond the Reef starts to take shape in the BVIs

Divers can now encounter skeletal pirates scrubbing the decks or planning their next plundering mission when they visit the BVIs. As reported by Scuba Diver back in July, after the devastating Hurricanes Irma and Maria...
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New four-night Komodo itinerary from Emperor Divers Indonesia

Komodo Dive and Explore is a new five-day, four-night itinerary available from July to September from Emperor Divers Indonesia. Designed to showcase some of the highlights of Komodo, including the chance to see the famous...
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AWARE Week returns in September to inspire action for a healthier ocean

Project AWARE and PADI are once again mobilising the global dive community to be citizen activists for a healthier ocean during the second annual AWARE Week. From 14-22 September 2019, ocean lovers around the world are...



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Here's your chance to pick up a brand new Aqua Lung i200C dive computer for you an your diving buddy #connectedbycolor Pre-Launch i200C Dive Computer from Aqua Lung


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We Talk to Robert Thomas Britain’s youngest cave diver

Robert Thomas Q&A Ask most teenagers what they like to be doing on a weekend and they’d probably mumble something about hanging out with their...
Anna Sofie Wreck

Anna Sofie Wreck & a 100 Year Mystery of the Unknown Soldier

Photographs by Stuart Philpott Anna Sofie Wreck The lure of a 100-year-old mystery was just too much to ignore. Steve Hutchinson - aka ‘Hutch’ - the...
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10 AWESOME Grenada wrecks that will make you LUST for rust!

There are few countries globally that can compete with Grenada and Carriacou when it comes to shipwrecks, never mind just in the Caribbean, and...
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The delightful Daymaniyats

The Sultanate of Oman lags behind near-neighbours Egypt and Jordan when it comes to being embedded in the sub-conscious of the diving fraternity, but...


Underwater Photography

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Underwater Photographer of the Week: Spencer Burrows

How did you get started in underwater photography? I’ve always had a passion for nature, in particular the ocean. So when my father-in-law decided he...