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Dive Store Distribution v2



As a valued partner in the diving industry—be it a dive store, online retailer, dive club, or association—we are pleased to offer you an exclusive opportunity to enrich your customer engagement with Scuba Diver magazine, a complimentary resource for your clientele.

You are invited to order a bulk parcel of magazines, ranging from 10 to 35 copies, at no cost. These magazines serve as a perfect added-value item for your orders, a benefit for club members, or as a strategic incentive to attract foot traffic into your store.

Insights from a recent 2023 survey reveal a compelling statistic: 91.8% of customers who visit a store to pick up a copy of the magazine also engage in additional purchases. This underscores the magazine's effectiveness not only as a customer retention tool but also as a catalyst for incremental sales.

Moreover, Scuba Diver magazine has proven to be an exceptional tool for reaching new diving enthusiasts. Strategically placing copies in waiting areas and community hotspots, marked with a sticker directing readers to your shop, can significantly amplify your local marketing efforts.

We invite you to leverage Scuba Diver magazine as a cost-effective marketing solution to drive both repeat and new traffic to your business, enhancing your visibility within the diving community and beyond.

For high-volume locations that can distribute more than 35 copies per issue should email to discuss. It is likely we would be willing to cover your distribution costs for higher output of magazines.