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Scuba Diving News from Scuba Divers around the world

Tune in for regular updates of scuba diving news from around our water planet, along with marine conservation, and other scuba diving related stories

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Vobster Santas
Vobster Santas 2023

Vobster Santas, one of the biggest and best scuba Santa diving events on the UK calendar, is returning this year, so break out your fluffy

cave diver
Cave diver sets 308m depth record

French cave explorer Frederic Swierczynski has set a new world record after descending to a staggering 308m during an epic seven-hour dive in the Font

Raja Ampat Island Hoping
Raja Ampat Island Hopping

Meridian Adventure Dive Take You Island Hopping in Raja Ampat Raja Ampat is renowned for its world-famous dive sites, and it is also considered one

BSAC release 2022 Incident Report

The annual diving Incident Report for 2022, which recorded a total of 182 incidents and six fatalities throughout the UK, has now been released. As