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Water Bottles for Mental Health

Water Bottles for Mental Health

Underwater X Elk Draws Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottles for Mental Health A new collaborative project between Elk Draws and us at Underwater. Life on this...
British diver

British diver missing in Red Sea

The search is continuing for a British diver who went missing during a dive in the Egyptian Red Sea. Louise Houslip, 36, who was originally...
mako sharks

Good news for endangered mako sharks

Conservationists are heralding a hard-fought ban on retention of North Atlantic shortfin mako sharks adopted on 23 November by the International Commission for the...
Yasmine BSACs new University Coordinator

BSAC’s new University Co-ordinator joins the team

BSAC has welcomed its new University Co-ordinator to the coaching team, with Leeds-based member Yasmine Thorn stepping into the role. Currently Chair of Leeds University Union...
Explore Breathtaking Ningaloo Reef

Explore Breathtaking Ningaloo Reef

Explore Breathtaking Ningaloo Reef with Dive Ningaloo Liveaboards Dive Ningaloo is excited to announce the arrival of Ningaloo Liveaboard Diving Trips. A unique liveaboard dive...
National Geographic

PADI and National Geographic Pristine Seas join forces

PADI and National Geographic Pristine Seas have partnered together with the goal to protect at least 30 percent of the ocean by 2030 through...
UK Ghost Gear Coalition

UK Ghost Gear Coalition formed from Fathoms Free, Ghost Diving UK, NARC and Sea...

Abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), otherwise known as ghost gear, are the deadliest form of marine plastic pollution, killing millions of marine...

Scubapro free octopus promotion

Scubapro is once again offering divers the chance to save money by getting a FREE octopus when they buy a D420 combo package. From...
Blue O Two

Blue 02 Ltd ceases trading – but Blue O Two lives on

Dive specialist tour operator Blue 02 Ltd is the latest casualty of the COVID pandemic in the diving industry, but the Blue O Two...

Walrus spotted off Northumberland

Hot on the flippered heels of Wally the walrus, who went on an extensive European tour earlier this year, another Arctic visitor has turned...

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GO Diving Show

Two become one – GO Diving Show and The Dive Show

2022 will see the launch of the ultimate UK diving exhibition as the GO Diving Show and The Dive Show merge into one super-event. As...
Water Bottles for Mental Health

Water Bottles for Mental Health

Stunning Raja Ampat Reefs

Stunning Raja Ampat Reefs

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