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Q&A: Walt Stearns

Underwater photographer and writer Walt Stearns has been a staple on the diving scene for decades, and is Editor on our Scuba Diver North...

Endangered Hawksbill Turtle

Raja Ampat is home to the Endangered Hawksbill Turtle Did You know that Raja Ampat has five of the sea turtle species that are rare...

Renowned Friwin Islands

Raja Ampat is home to the Renowned Friwin Islands Nestled off the coast of Gam Island Raja Ampat, you will come across two small islands...

There Be Dragons Here

To denote dangerous or unexplored territories on navigational charts in medieval times often included small illustrations of dragons, sea monsters and other mythological creatures....

Wobbegong Shark Ambush Predator

The Wobbegong Shark is an Expert Ambush Predator Are you asking if a Wobbegong bite? They sure do... Lying in wait on the ocean floor,...

Floating Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish sightings in Raja Ampat, Indonesia Majestically floating and pulsating its colours. During mating season, male cuttlefish tend to change their body colours in order...

Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 51 Out Now

Click here for Scuba Diver ANZ issue 51 There is now a small monthly charge to read the latest digital magazine. This mag will become...



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