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Scuba diving hotspots from all around the world

Planning your next scuba diving week away, or dreaming up your next tropical bucket-list destination? Dive in to reports of scuba diving sites and locations from all around the world

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Scuba diver with a friendly green sea turtle at Wakatobi, Indonesia
Diving Your Way at Wakatobi

Novice, enthusiast or fanatic? Leader, follower, or soloist? Whatever your scuba diving style, you are welcome to dive your way at Wakatobi Dive Resort.  Thanks

If you’re into wall diving, you’ll be in wall-to-wall paradise at Wakatobi
Wakatobi’s Wall to Wall Paradise 

No matter how many times you’ve experienced it, that initial moment when you reach the edge of a sheer underwater wall will always be a thrill. One second, you are finning through a shallow coral reef, the next you are suspended over the edge of the abyss.

School of fish

French Polynesia is blessed with turquoise lagoons, crystal-clear waters, and pristine coral reefs that provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for divers. There’s an abundance of marine

Outstanding Diving of the Solomons
Outstanding Diving of the Solomons

Diving in the Solomons offers a wealth of different experiences. As we all know, everyone’s scuba diving bucket list keeps growing. You keep ticking them

Thailand's stunning Coral
Thailand’s: Best 6 Dive Sites

Thailand’s best dive sites lie off the west coast of the Thai Peninsula in the Andaman Sea, north of Phuket in the Similan and Surin Islands,

Raja Ampat Resident the Wobbegong Shark
The Majestic Wobbegong Shark

Raja Ampat is home to many fascinating creatures including the Wobbegong Shark About Meridian Adventure Dive   Situated in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Meridian Adventure Dive is a PADI 5 Star

Colourful Underwater Wonderland
Colourful Underwater Wonderland

Raja Ampat is a Colourful Underwater Wonderland Meridian Adventure Dive is situated at the bull’s-eye of the Coral Triangle and the planet’s richest marine biodiversity.

Why Raja Ampat is so Important to Conserve
Manta Madness Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is notorious for diving with the majestic Manta Ray! In fact, it is one of the very few areas in the world where