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Scuba diving hotspots from all around the world

Planning your next scuba diving week away, or dreaming up your next tropical bucket-list destination? Dive in to reports of scuba diving sites and locations from all around the world

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Wakatobi – where dinner is more than a meal

At Wakatobi Resort, mealtimes are more than a chance to fill up before the next adventure. In fact, many guests consider dining to be...

Discover Indonesia’s ‘cutting-edge’ dive – Blade

The Indonesian dive site known as 'Blade' is a geographic anomaly unlike anything in the region. This tall, thin line of sea mounts sit...

Why Wakatobi is ideal for new divers

Wakatobi Resort has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier destinations for snorkelling, diving and underwater photography. The combination of pristine, protected...
Grand Turk Photographs by Gavin Anderson

Slower Pace Of Life On The Island Of Grand Turk

In this article, the late - and dearly missed - Gavin Anderson enjoys a slower pace of life on the island of Grand Turk,...
Photographs by Stuart Philpott

Get Shots Of Big Fish And Other Pelagic Species

Stuart Philpott was on a mission to get shots of big fish and other pelagic species, and the team at Prodivers in the Maldives...
Photographs by Byron Conroy

Luxurious Solitude Adventurer For An Epic Liveaboard Trip

After a week of fantastic critter-spotting in Lembeh, Byron Conroy and Lena Kavender head off on the luxurious Solitude Adventurer for an epic liveaboard...

Explore A Flooded Ice Cave High Up On A Glacier In Iceland

The Ice Cave Beckons Byron Conroy jumped at the chance to explore a flooded ice cave high up on a glacier in Iceland, but first...
Photographs by Miranda Krestovnikoff and

Miranda Goes To Gozo

Miranda Krestovnikoff was ecstatic to finally head off for a diving holiday as a family, and found Gozo the perfect place for her kids...

The octopus that gets a bad rap

The blue-ringed octopus is often sensationalized because its venomous sting can be fatal to humans. But there's nothing to fear from these non-aggressive and...

Snorkelling Wakatobi’s reef systems

The coral walls and slopes of Wakatobi rise almost to the surface, creating ideal conditions for snorkelling. Guests have been known to spend entire...