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Scuba Diver Magazine Subscription (ANZ Edition)


A real divers magazine, each month we cover local diving for Australian scuba divers, the latest scuba industry news, travel reports, hints and advice, technical diving, underwater photography and gear reviews from our seasoned testing team.

Frequency: 12x Monthly | Jan – Dec
Shipping From: Australia | 10th of the month

Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand is a true ‘diver’s magazine’, written by enthusiastic, long-time, active divers for divers just like you. Whether you are just thinking about dipping your toe into diving, have just got your entry-level certification, are an advanced recreational diver, or even a hardcore technical diving veteran, you will find something for yourself.

Every month, you will find each issue crammed with news from around our watery planet; columns offering hints and advice on everything from diving techniques and underwater photography to diving health and medical issues; unbiased, comprehensive equipment reviews; and Q&As with leading explorers, adventurers, underwater photographers, scientists, celebrities and more.

There are also in-depth articles on dive hotspots from around the globe – from local dives right here in Australia and New Zealand, to short-haul destinations like Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and long-haul locations such as the Maldives, South Africa, the Red Sea and the Caribbean.

Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand is printed and shipped from Australia.