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Know your F-stop from your aperture, and your shutter speed from your ISO, or just starting out in underwater photography? Dive in for inspirational and informative interviews, videos and news


Stunning Blackwater World of Cozumel

Mike Bartick goes on a journey through the Blackwater world of Cozumel I love to blackwater dive in any location I visit as I feel...
underwater photography

10 Best Underwater Photography Tips

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans offers up 10 top tips that will aid budding underwater photographers get those awesome eye-catching shots and learn how...
Diamond squid

6 Tips To Improve Your Blackwater Photography

Photography by Walt Stearns and Mike Bartick Blackwater Photography It’s well past sundown and we're several miles off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, preparing to...
Black Angler

Hunting the Black Angler

Nicolas and Lena Remy go Hunting the Black Angler for that elusive perfect photograph  Introduction to Anglerfish Who wouldn’t enjoy spotting an anglerfish during a dive (or frogfish, as...
Mexico Whale Shark Feeding

Don Silcock Q and A

Scuba Diver Mag Delves into what makes Don Silcock tick in this informative Q&A Don Silcock has just joined the Scuba Diver Team as our...
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6 tips for magazine quality underwater images

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans has seen enough images in his 22 years in diving magazines to know what makes for a striking photograph,...
Scuba Diving Sudan Shark Dive Expedition

The Blackwater World: Jack and Jelly a Curious Relationship

Each Month Mike Bartick takes us on a journey through the Blackwater world This month his focus is on the the Jellyfish Mention the word Jellyfish...
Photography Tips For Diving With Seals

Top Photography Tips For Diving With Seals

Photographs by Martyn Guess. In these surreal Covid-19 times, I have not been able run my normal overseas photographic workshops and all of them have...
Vivian Dive Centre

Underwater Photographer Simon Lorenz Q&A

Scuba Diver talks to Underwater Photographer Simon Lorenz Q&A What inspired you to first get into underwater photography Even on my very first dive I had...
Here Come the Turtles

Here Come the Turtles

Underwater photography guru Mario Vitalini turns his attentions to one of the perennial diver favourites – the turtle  Photographs by Mario Vitalini Turtles have undeniable charisma....

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