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10 Amazing Underwater Documentaries

10 Amazing Underwater Documentaries

10 Amazing underwater documentaries to watch during lockdown As we head into the depths of the Australian winter and might be plunging into the ocean...

What’s in your cylinder?

Unless you have your own scuba cylinder compressor, you probably don't know for sure what is in your dive tank. Bad air fills have...

Would you know what to do in a scuba emergency?

Whether a seasoned Rescue Diver or just your average holiday scuba enthusiast, every diver should be able to at least keep a basic record...

Diving with diabetes

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans presents the latest information on diving with diabetes from the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN). Don't forget to subscribe...

DAN enhances Return to Diving Guide with video

Divers Alert Network has enhanced its popular Return To Diving guide with the launch of a video in support of the program. Available at...

Headaches and Diving

The @DiversAlertNetwork team of doctors are back with advice about headaches and scuba diving. For more help and advice, contact DAN directly. We have been working...
Gas Management 101

Gas Management 101

The DAN World team discuss the importance of gas management, and offer some advice on ways to maximise your dive time It’s almost impossible to...

5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation

Divers Ready - 5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation As you can probably guess from the title, this video will be...

Ear Anatomy, Care and Equalization

Ears are complex and incredible organs that do so much more than pick up sound. They enable orientation in space, everyday physical activities and...
Seiko Solar PADI Special Edition

The Ocean – Change Through Enjoyment

Film Maker Anthony Gordon and Dive Instructor Lachlan Walmsley Bring you Aliquam, a series of short films about the Joy of the Ocean. Each month we will...

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