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The essential place to come for all your scuba diving medical queries, including the latest news and columns from Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network: Limit your risk and prepare for a safe return to diving

Once restrictions are lifted, divers will be eager to get back in the water doing what they love, and they will certainly want to...

DAN, Replacing dive computers and BCDs

How Old Is Too Old Replacing dive computers and BCDs Everyone loves the smell of a new car, but eventually, the car develops problems, and...
Barotrauma in Bonaire

Pulmonary Barotrauma in Bonaire Dive

About the Bonaire Diver On a recent trip to Bonaire with his dive club, Rick (a pseudonym) was completing his fourth dive of the day,...
PFO or Patent Foramen Ovale

PFO or Patent Foramen Ovale and Diving

Petar Denoble looks at PFOs, or Patent Foramen Ovale, and how they can affect divers In June 2015, in Montreal, Canada, the Undersea and Hyperbaric...
Distracted while diving

Distracted while Diving

Peter Buzzacott looks at a case where a female diver ran into difficulties after getting distracted while diving. The Diver The diver was a 48-year-old woman...
Dan Europe

An unexpected earplug: Incident insights #8

The Diver The diver was a 58-year-old man with approximately 150-lifetime dives. He had hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels) for which he took levothyroxine daily....
Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever: Incident insights #7

The Diver The diver was a 49-year-old female with over 200-lifetime dives. She had no known medical history, and didn't take any medications regularly and...
octopus bite

How to deal with an octopus bite: Incident insights #6

Payal Razdan looks at a case where a female diver has received an octopus bite as she tried to return it to the water...

Diver Medic launches Diving Emergency Medical Responder course

The Diver Medic is excited to announce the new EFR Instructor Authored Programme called Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) Course. The purpose of the...

How to correctly transport a scuba tank

Since 11 September, tighter flying regulations exist. Still, terrorist attacks occur, like the Russian airplane crash above northern Sinai a few years ago. Smuggling...

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blue jellyfish

Blue jellyfish clog up Israeli power plant cooling system

An invasion of thousands of blue jellyfish clogged up the cooling system of a power plant in Israel - and even threatened to suspend...
Wetpixel Live

Wetpixel Live coming to a screen near you

Getting Through Tough Times

Getting Through Tough Times