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The Underwater Club is live


The Underwater Club is live

Online Underwater Photography courses: The Underwater Club is live!

The Underwater Club, a first-of-its-kind online underwater photography school, is now live, and offers a unique learning experience for underwater photography enthusiasts:

·      Comprehensive curriculum: members have access to 7 courses, 40 lessons, 46 quizzes, and a total of 16 hours of online videos.

·      Bite-sized topics: the learning experience is mobile-friendly, with lessons broken down into shorter topics for learning on-the-go.

·      Monthly webinars: beginners and experienced members can exchange ideas and explore other ways to develop their artistry during monthly webinars.

Visit The Underwater Club to start your free 7-days trial, and continue learning underwater photography anytime, anywhere!

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PT Hirschfield, Pink Tank Scuba

I’ve just commenced The Underwater Club course. From my own background as an underwater photographer and classroom teacher for over 20 years, I’m impressed from the outset with the way this course has been structured and delivered. It’s self-paced, allowing photographers to commence wherever their greatest need or interest lies. The course offers scaffolding of skills that helps photographers to upskill their understanding and proficiency steadily, irrespective of their initial starting point.

The video components of his course are ‘bite sized’, clear and engaging. Nicolas is articulate in his explanation of concepts, supporting the delivery of each idea with visual examples. Images (often supplemented by diagrams) are used as illustrations of both successes and challenges, in conjunction with the finer details of how they were created and how various technical and creative decisions may have led to alternative outcomes.

Underwater Photographer Nicolas Remy Wins Prestigious Award
Nicolas Remy

Matt Waters, ScubaGoat Podcast

Nicolas' tutorials are comprehensive and the community forums provide a great platform to connect with other photographers and get feedback on your work. I’ve only just joined the club, however it has already helped me improve my photography skills tremendously, and at such an affordable price, it's a no-brainer. I highly recommend it, see you in TUC’s forums!

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