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Author: Walt Stearns

Editor for Scuba Diver Magazine’s North America edition, Walt Stearns, has been involved in the diving industry for more than 30 years. As one of the most prolific photojournalists in diving media Walt’s articles and images have appeared in a wide range of national and international diving, water sports and travel titles.
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Shrimp Gobie and Alpheus shrimp roommate at Wakatobi
Wakatobi’s Odd Couple

A closer look at one of the ocean’s most interesting partnerships; fish and crustaceans at Wakatobi.  With thousands of species of fish and invertebrates to

Wakatobi Reef
Getting the Big Picture at Wakatobi

Capturing the true scope of Wakatobi’s reefs through wide-angle imagery There’s no denying the appeal of photographing the elusive marine life that hide in the

Snorkeling at Wakatobi
Wakatobi’s Happy Hour Snorkeling

Wakatobi’s iconic Jetty Bar is a favorite place to gather and enjoy a libation while watching the sun sink towards the horizon. But there’s another

Scuba diver with a friendly green sea turtle at Wakatobi, Indonesia
Diving Your Way at Wakatobi

Novice, enthusiast or fanatic? Leader, follower, or soloist? Whatever your scuba diving style, you are welcome to dive your way at Wakatobi Dive Resort.  Thanks

If you’re into wall diving, you’ll be in wall-to-wall paradise at Wakatobi
Wakatobi’s Wall to Wall Paradise 

No matter how many times you’ve experienced it, that initial moment when you reach the edge of a sheer underwater wall will always be a thrill. One second, you are finning through a shallow coral reef, the next you are suspended over the edge of the abyss.

In addition to serving as the embarkation point for Wakatobi’s fleet of dive boats, the resort’s jetty is a key access point for diving House Reef which extends off for hundreds of feet in both directions.
Maxing Out At Wakatobi

Visitors to Wakatobi often compliment favorably on the pristine condition of the coral reefs and the exceptional variety of marine life found within the resort’s

Bargibant Pygmy Seahorse
Wakatobi’s Littlest Seahorse

A Peek into the Small World of the Pygmy Seahorses at Wakatobi  Though you might not guess it based on name or appearance, seahorses are

Large green turtle taking a snooze on Wakatobi's House Reef wall.
On The House – Wakatobi’s House Reef

Through a combination of factors that include easy access, habitat health, diversity of ecosystems, an abundance of unique marine life and the sheer size of the site, there is no surprise that Wakatobi’s House Reef holds the reputation as “The World’s Best Shore Dive.”

Wakatobi’s new Turtle Beach Bungalow
Wakatobi’s New Turtle Beach Bungalows

Larger accommodations promising more elbow room combined with scenic beach and ocean views are what Wakatobi’s Turtle Beach Bungalows are about. If you’ve ever said

Male Yellowfin flasher wrasse (Paracheilinus flavianalis) strutting his stuff for the ladies. Photo by Wayne Osborn
Wakatobi’s Flash Mob

Reports have been coming in that divers at Wakatobi are getting flashed – that is by flasher wrasses.  Search around the edges of a reef

Two of Wakatobi's giant size dive/snorkel boats. Though traditional in design, they are all fitted with modern safety and navigation equipment such as oxygen, GPS and marine radios.
Wakatobi’s Super Spacious Dive Boats

Wakatobi Dive Resort operates a fleet of eight dedicated dive/snorkel boats that provide guests loads of elbow room along with very stable comfortable ride. Come find out more about them.

Wakatobi's Dive Yacht Pelagian cruising past the resort.
Wakatobi’s Dive Yacht Pelagian

High style diving aboard Pelagian reveals the never-ending riches of Indonesia’s underwater realm Each evening just before sunset, coral laced rock piles around the base

Purple hairy squat lobster (Lauriea siagiani)
Wakatobi’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Locate a sea anemone and you’ll probably run into some of Nemo’s cohabiting cousins. Take a closer look among the undulating tentacles and you might also happen upon a tiny harlequin crab slurping up food scraps from its host’s leftover dinner.

Bobtail squid at Wakatobi dive site Zoo.
Let’s Go to The Zoo

Wakatobi’s Dive Site #3, The Zoo A zoo is a place that can be enjoyed by everyone. So it’s a fitting name for one of

Getting Trigger Happy at Wakatobi
Getting Trigger Happy at Wakatobi

Discover why the triggerfish on Wakatobi reefs are worth a look. Though often overlooked by divers, triggerfish are worth a closer look. You often find