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Top 10 Best Dive Masks 2024



Hi all of you awesome scuba divers out there, welcome to scuba diver magazine, your favourite place for the latest scuba diving news and gear reviews, The first piece of kit that every diver and snorkeler should own is a decent mask. A cheap bad mask is just going to mean you’ll have a bad experience in the water. In fact, you can buy the most expensive mask out there and have a bad experience if it doesn’t fit you properly. Mask fit is always more important than any other feature on a mask.
That being said, if you feel a little bit dazzled by the different designs out there, I’ve picked my best dive masks on the market right now…


Best Dive Masks 1

To start off the list we have a brand new mask announced earlier this year from AquaLung extending their Reveal range of masks with the Reveal Ultrafit Mask. The Ultrafit is so named because the skirt comes in three different sizes for different face shapes so you’re guaranteed to find a size that fits.
It also has removable lenses which means that you can disassemble the UltraFit for better cleaning and to replace the lenses should anything happen to yours. And I wouldn't be surprised to see prescription lenses for the UltraFit in the future.

Apeks VX1

Best Dive Masks 2

I know Apeks released the VX2 not that long ago but, there’s something about the VX1 that ticks every box for me. It’s a frameless design which I prefer anyway because they sit closer to the face for a wider field of view and they fold flat. It’s the little things with the VX1 like the barrel in the buckles are metal instead of plastic so they’re going to last longer and they give you a strong mounting point if you want to fit a fabric strap.
Two lens options on the VX1, the standard Pure Clear which is a good all-rounder and you have the UV cut to protect your eyes in brighter waters. That and a range of colour options from a classic black, a dark grey, a white and orange which I know is a bit bright, but, I do like a flash of orange.

Atomic Venom Frameless

Best Dive Masks 3

Atomic make a range of premium masks and they’re all very nice to wear, and while the Venom Frameless may not be their top mask, it’s my favourite. Let's start with the glass, the Venom Frameless has Schott Superwite™ UltraClear glass for better light transmission compared to standard tempered glass you find on most masks.
The skirt is the next cool feature, around your face they use a softer silicone that has a nice chunky, cushiony profile to gently mould around your face without needing to pull the mask very tight on your face. Huge lenses also give you plenty of field of view and the frameless design pulls the lenses closer so you get the benefits of a large mask with a relatively small volume.

Mares i3

Best Dive Masks 4

Another mask that isn’t strictly their fanciest mask, I love the Mares i3 Mask. The i3 is the first in the list to have side windows which really open up your field of view on either side of you. This means that you can subconsciously know where your buddy is beside you without needing to turn your head. It can’t help much if they’re sat above or behind you but, you can see more in a single snapshot.
It’s one of Mares’ more budget masks, some of the others have fancier silicone and clever features but, the i3 is a humble mask with one of the best fields of view out there at a budget price point. And if you get one with a clear shirt you can also see shapes through that for a good view of the reef.

Scubapro Synergy Twin TRUFIT

Best Dive Masks 5

Scubapro has always made nice masks with a stylish flare and I like their Synergy Twin mask. This is my wife’s mask and the reason she loves it is the TruFit skirt. The problem with silicone skirts on masks is that if you make them soft and thin to mould to any face shape, they collapse and the mask flops on your face. If you make them thick then they can leak on some face shapes if you have more pronounced temples and cheekbones.
So what Scubapro have done is effectively rib the skirt so that it can mould around almost any face shape for a good seal while keeping the shape of the mask. This mask comes with Scubapro’s comfort strap that is stronger than a standard strap and you don’t need to worry about tangling your hair in the buckle.

XDEEP Frameless

Best Dive Masks 6

XDEEP are best known for the buoyancy solutions but, they also have an exceptionally good mask that I don’t think has a name but, I call it the Radical because the web page has Radical in bold at the top. Another frameless mask but, the USP here is the large nose pocket and lens shape. If you have a petite nose then count yourself lucky. It can be challenging if you have a larger nose to find a mask that will fit comfortably. That’s where the large nose pocket makes this more comfortable.
The lens shape has been opened up in key areas where you normally start to see the shirt on the inside to mimic your natural field of view. Nothing overly flashy with this mask, it just gets the job done. It also comes in a clear colour to let lots of light in.

Cressi Quantum

Best Dive Masks 7

The Cressi Quantum has a unique feature that you won’t find on many other masks, especially if they’re not Cressi, and that’s an anti-fog two-fold skirt. One of the main problems with diving masks is them fogging up during a dive and the Quantum has two features to combat fogging. The first is an internal seal that seals around your nose so the warm humid air that comes out of your nose when you equalize your mask doesn’t flood over the lenses.
And the second is a heat exchanger built into the skirt. Similar to a heat exchanger on a regulator but, in the other direction these ribs increase the surface area of the mask to cool the space inside the mask so any moisture is less likely to condense on the lens. And I’ve tried these masks before without pretreating them in any way and it’s surprisingly hard to get them to fog up.

Fourth Element Seeker

Best Dive Masks 8

Fourth Element shocked the dive industry by venturing into the mask and fin market a few years back and the Seeker is their newest design. Two lens options, what Fourth Element calls Clarity which has fewer impurities in the glass for a good all-rounder of a lens, popular with photographers. And Contrast which provides full UVA and UVB protection from harmful ultraviolet which can damage the retina.
One of the nice features is the case that comes with the mask, the Seeker has a half-shell EVA case so you don’t need to carry a clunky plastic case around with you but, your mask is still protected, you can even fit it in some foot pockets. Otherwise, the Seeker has been made to fit most face shapes and maximise your field of view with these eyebrows and a stylish skirt design.

TUSA Paragon

Best Dive Masks 9

One of TUSA’s fancier masks, the Paragon comes in a single-lens version but, I like the twin lens. Because while both have a UV protective lens that cuts out harmful ultraviolet light to protect your eyes, with the twin lens Paragon, you can remove those lenses. Now I know that seems like a silly feature but, if you need corrective lenses, it’s great.
Normally if you need prescription lenses you don’t keep that UV protection. TUSA created a separate range of prescription lenses with UV protection. The rest of the mask is awesome also, The TUSA skirt has their signature design which I often find universal, it’s rare that a diver doesn’t find a TUSA mask that fits them and the Paragon has metal inserts in the frame for strength

Scubapro Frameless Gorilla

Best Dive Masks 10

Finally, I’ll go to a timeless classic. I love the classic square frame of the Scubapro Frameless Mask and Scubapro has a larger version called the Gorilla. If you’re like me and you have a larger face, then some masks can look odd and may not fit properly so, the Gorilla version is wider.
I’ve always been impressed by the field of view of the square masks and unlike some of the more flamboyant mask designs out there that make you look like a Batman villain, the frameless hasn’t changed in decades and still looks great on any diver.

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