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Author: Mark Newman

A former SCUBA Dive Instructor, I learnt to dive in the UK and taught both here and abroad. After that I spent a lot of time working with dive equipment from all of the major brands. From the Arctic Circle to the Tropics and Apnea to Closed Circuit, most of my professional life has been spent in the scuba diving industry.
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Dive Torch Buyers Guide

Dive Torch Buyers Guide. Gone are the days when you need a flare to light your way underwater, that’s what the little dude in the

Tahiti Scuba Diving Guide
Tahiti Scuba Diving Guide

The water temperature in Tahiti ranges from 75°F (24°C) to 85°F (30°C) throughout the year. This means that you can scuba dive in Tahiti all year round, and exposure protection will range from a rash vest to probably a 3mm depending on how good you are with the cold.

Top 10 Scuba Bad Habits

Hi everybody, welcome to the scuba diver magazine channel all of you wonderful scuba divers out there. Today we’re looking at my Top 10 Scuba

Underwater GPS with Shearwater #scuba #podcast @ScubaDiverMagazine

[svp][/svp] Underwater GPS with Shearwater #scuba #podcast @ScubaDiverMagazine #scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver LINKS DiveTrack integration with Shearwater dive computer Become a fan: Gear Purchases:

liveaboard guide
Best Liveaboard Guide

Liveaboards are the perfect way to really crank up your dive log numbers and build your scuba diving experience because you’re in and out of the water more frequently and surrounded by a lot of other divers talking about scuba diving. Whether you’re travelling as a family group or all by yourself, you’re going to find a new group of friends to go diving with and socialise.

Best Scuba Fin Buying Guide

Open heel fins are typically bigger, stronger and more expensive and are made for all types of dives. You need to wear boots and you’ll find a heel strap on the back to hold your foot in place.

Top10 Tips For Instructors Thumbnail
Top 10 Tips for Instructors

it’s very important for you to let them do it themselves. Obviously help them if they’re in trouble or they’re about to do something very silly. But, they need to be the ones to actually do things

Long Term Regulator Storage Thumbnail
How To Store Regulators

it’s best that you reduce the force on sealing surfaces as much as possible to reduce leaking down the road.

Top 10 Safety Stop Tips Thumbnail
Top 10 Safety Stop Tips

Safety stops are best done when you’re completely horizontal in the water so that your entire body is at the same depth and decompressing at the same rate. And if you’re holding onto a line in a current then there’s more space for other divers to be at the correct depth.

Scuba How To Equalise Better
How to Equalize Better

there are a few ways of equalizing your ears But, all we’re trying to do is to equalize a tiny air space inside a small tube between your throat and your ears.

Top10 Scuba Accessories
Top 10 Dive Accessories 2022

One of the newer items that the scuba industry has adopted is ponchos. Much like a hat, protecting yourself from the elements between dives is important and can help prevent decompression complications as well.

Top 10 Best Scuba Masks For 2022

For one mask design that does the most, you’ve got to hand it to the new Fourth Element Scout Mask. The single mask design has four different lens options.

More New Scuba Diver Mistakes #top10 #scuba @ScubaDiverMagazine
10 More New Scuba Diver Mistakes

When you’re getting ready for a dive look around and see when and how quickly other divers are getting ready. Exposure suits like wetsuits and drysuits are made to keep you warm and comfortable in the water. Outside of the water you’re going to cook inside waiting to get into the water.