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Mark Newman

A former Dive Instructor, I leant to dive in the UK and taught both here and abroad. After that I spent a lot of time working with dive equipment from all of the major brands. From the Arctic Circle to the Tropics and Apnea to Closed Circuit, most of my professional life has been spent in the scuba diving industry.

Top 10 Mistakes New Divers Make

We’re breaking down the top ten things that new scuba divers get wrong. Usually, through no fault of their own; there’s no shame here....

Top 10 Scuba Drysuits For 2022

Where I’m from, drysuits are pretty much a staple for diving year-round, and they’re a fantastic tool for a scuba diver for insulation and...

Top 10 Scuba BCDs for 2022

Today we’re breaking down ten of my favourite Scuba diving BCDs in 2022. I’ve put them in ten categories, and I’m going to explain...

Top 10 Dive Light Buying Guide

Your dive light is an essential piece of kit, whether exploring a wreck, night diving or just wanting to be seen on the surface,...

Top 10 Scuba Fins for 2022

Today I'm breaking down ten of my favourite fins right now in 2022 in ten different categories. I've focused on more scuba-specific fins instead...

Top 10 Dive Computers 2022

While the gas theory is still essential for advanced diving, dive computers have eliminated the need for divers to rely upon dive tables to...



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