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Iceland Adventure, Day Five

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After another sleep-of-the-dead – this cold-water diving lark gets tiring! – we awoke to a crisp morning and headed back to Strytan Dive Centre to explore more of the area on our Arctic Adventures odyssey.

First up was an exploration of a local site looking for wolf fish – Erlendur was in the process of checking on the population of male and female specimens in the area, and we were more than happy to assist. Alas, much like our dive on Arnarnesstrýtan yesterday, the vis was not great, but that didn't stop us finding several wolf fish, as well as flatfish, lion's mane jellyfish, etc.

Expect to be swarmed by cod at Arnarnesstrýtan

After another surface interval in the presence of majestic humpback whales, we returned to Arnarnesstrýtan and boy, what a difference! The vis for the first 10m was still poor, but once we hit 15m, it cleared up dramatically to a good eight to ten metres. It was like a completely different dive!

The anemones are spectacular

The cod swarmed in as soon as we reached the seabed, along with a friendly wolf fish, and then we spent a good 40 minutes slowly circling the structure and seeing many wolf fish huddled in their holes, along with scorpionfish, myriad nudibranchs – once I got my eye in, they were everywhere, especially near the vents – and yet more cod.

Godafoss waterfall

It proved to be an epic final dive of the trip, but the day was not done. Eliska whisked us back to our cabin to drop off our gear to dry, and then we headed out through Akureyri to the magnificent Goðafoss waterfall, which is only 12 metres high but has a width of some 30 metres – with a huge amount of water falling over the edge, it is like a mini-Niagara Falls.

Whale-watching vessels in Husavik harbour

We then continued on to the picturesque village of Husavik, which seems to be the epicentre of Icelandic whale-watching operations. The lovely harbour is worth a wander, and there is a great fish-and-chip shop right on the harbourfront! It had to be done!

The church in Akureyri

We rounded out the evening with a walk around Akureyri, before heading back to the cabin for a few beers before getting our heads down ready for our final day of adventure, which was going to involve going into a glacier!

Photo credit: Mark Evans and Byron Conroy

Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Scuba Diver's Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. 30-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.



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