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Dive Instructor Ranks 24 Scuba Specialty Courses


Dive Instructor Ranks 24 Scuba Specialty Courses

How can you tell which ones are worth your time and money? This dive instructor is separating the good, from the bad, from the just plain ugly when it comes to Scuba Diving specialty courses.

If you're heading for Master Scuba Diver, you're going to need to complete at least 5 of these scuba specialty courses. We want you to choose the ones that will give you the most for your money. Sadly, not all dive courses are created equal. As a Scuba Diving professional, James is here to give you insider tips and tricks, before you choose your next scuba diving certification.

Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, Nitrox, Buoyancy, Boat, Ice, Dry Suit, UW Photography… With so many choices for specialty certs to get you to Master Scuba Diver level, how do you know which dive courses are of value, and which are a waste of time? We ask 3 simple questions of each Scuba Course and rank each course's value for you based on the answers.

If you're a newly qualified scuba diver, (first, congratulations and welcome to the club!) we made this video for you! We're covering the basic progression that almost all internationally recognized scuba training agencies go through and highlighting the role Scuba Specialty Courses play in your development as a diver.

We're also blowing the lid off of the scuba training agencies' best kept secrets… Instructor Self-certification. It's every bit as scary as it sounds.

So before you sign up for your next (insert name of preferred scuba training agency here!) eLearning course, WATCH THIS VIDEO! Please hit that SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy our content, or if you need a good deed for your day!

Dive safe, dive often.


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Alisdair Russell
Alisdair Russell
4 years ago

UK PADI Diver. I’ve done a few specialty courses now. These include Dry Suit, EAN, Deep, Wreck, PPB. I went on to achieve Master Scuba Diver and then completed my Search and Recovery, Full Face Mask, and now Self Reliant Diver. I want to complete my Cavern Diver and Adaptive Support Diver. Then I’m hoping to become a DM and possibly stop there and head down the tech diver route.


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