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Bare Ultrawarmth 7mm Hood & Glove Review


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Bare Ultrawarmth Review

Mark Evans looks at some fascinating new technology from Baresports that is really keeping us warm in the water.

From the manufacturers website


Did you know that when heat escapes your body, you can lose more than 60 percent of the energy that keeps you warm? To ensure you stay warm during every dive, BARE’s new Ultrawarmth category of watersports products features OMNIRED Technology. OMNIRED has been lab-tested and proven to provide the best thermal protection available in the diving industry.

No matter the product—suits, gloves, hoods, boots or base layers—as long as it bears the Ultrawarmth logo, divers know that it features technology that’s been strictly lab-tested and proven to offer the best thermal protection available in the diving industry.

Product description Bare Ultrawarmth Dry 7 mm

Ultrawarmth Dry Hoods feature high-loft Ultrawarmth Celliant® Infrared Thermal Technology embedded in the inner fabric. Celliant® is scientifically proven and FDA-determined to conserve body heat and accelerate thermal recovery. ELASTEK outer fabric provides heat retention
and superior warmth. Designed specifically to mate with the BARE drysuit collar, Ultrawarmth Dry Hoods fit comfortably, resist flushing, and are excellent additions to any dive kit.


– High-loft Celliant® inner fabric with ELASTEK full-stretch outer fabric.
– ELASTEK/GLIDESKIN-IN trimmable face and neck glides nicely over hair.
– Hood neck seal mates with drysuit seal.
– GEN2 hood vent allows trapped air to escape and prevents water entry.
– Mask strap grip pad on the back of the hood secures mask strap in place.
– Double-glued and blindstitched with SECURELOCK construction improves isolation and reduces flushing for warmer, longer dives.

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