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Scuba Diver's Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. 30-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.
Job Board

PADI launches new Job Board

As pockets around the world are reopening, there is a growing demand for PADI Professionals in many key markets worldwide. To support its membership,...

Would you know what to do in a scuba emergency?

Whether a seasoned Rescue Diver or just your average holiday scuba enthusiast, every diver should be able to at least keep a basic record...
monk seal

Rare Mediterranean monk seal killed by speargun in Greece

Authorities are searching for the person responsible for killing a rare Mediterranean monk seal with a speargun off the island of Alonissos. Kostis, as the...

Shearwater Research launches SWIFT transmitter

Shearwater Research has launched its next generation wireless pressure transmitter, the Shearwater SWIFT. With smart AI technology, the SWIFT creates a highly reliable connection, listens...

Diver recovers wedding ring lost in Windermere

A diver has recovered a wedding ring from the depths of Lake Windermere after it was lost just hours after a couple tied the...

Diving with diabetes

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans presents the latest information on diving with diabetes from the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN). Don't forget to subscribe...

SeaLife launches Android App for SportDiver housing

SeaLife has launched their Android app for the popular SportDiver Smartphone housing. The SeaLife SportDiver is a compact, lightweight underwater housing that fits most Android...

Seal turns up in Lincolnshire back garden

A homeowner in Lincolnshire received the shock of her life when she found a seal chilling out on the back patio of her house...
Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics releases limited-edition T25 regulator

Atomic Aquatics has released an ultra-exclusive limited-edition regulator - the T25 - to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary. The T25 is a highly evolved version...

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Breathtaking Raja Ampat Sandbanks

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