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Whales adorn Neuro x PADI sweet tins


Freediver with whales (Stephane Granzotto)
Symbolic: Freediver with whales (Stephane Granzotto)

Training agency PADI and wellness confectioner Neuro are continuing their tie-up with the launch of a whale-inspired limited-edition container designed to fund ocean conservation.

During 2024 a range of reusable Neuro x PADI branded tins are to be distributed as free dispensers with bulk purchases of Neuro bagged gum and mints – with 20% of profits pledged to the PADI AWARE Foundation and a total of US $100,000 committed to the charity by year’s end. 

Neuro x PADI whale tin
Neuro x PADI whale tin

Neuro, invented by two PADI-trained scuba divers, is claimed to be “revolutionising the gum and mint category by providing energy on the go with ingredients that enhance mental clarity and focus”. 

The first of the co-branded tins depicts a breaching whale. The artwork was created by Neuro co-founder and mural artist Kent Yoshimura, who says: “The whale is symbolic of how everything is interconnected and small changes can have a huge impact upon our ocean – and all life that calls it home.

“By refilling and using this tin, you’ll cut down on your packaging waste, fuel yourself with clean ingredients to live your best life and do more for all vulnerable marine species.”

Neuro bagged products
Neuro peppermint and cinnamon products

Neuro dates back to 2015 when Yoshimura was with Ryan Chen on a dive-boat on their first outing to Catalina off California

“It was during this dive-trip that we realised the need to have a practical, sustainable and approachable system that can be shared with fellow-divers that provides clean energy during surface intervals,” says Yoshimura, claiming that the product provides “a prolonged state of ‘blue mind’.” The PADI Open Water Diver is also a freediver and spearfisher.

Chen, who had previously suffered a snowboarding accident that left him partially paralysed, became certified through the PADI Adaptive Techniques Diving Course.

He says he has benefited greatly from the physical and mental therapy provided by scuba diving, and that it was his renewed sense of purpose that led him to the pursue the business that saw him named in the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list in 2019.

Neuro ’Energy + Focus’ products
What divers need: energy & focus

The duo’s patented formula for “functional gum and mints” was successfully presented on Shark Tank – the US version of Dragon’s Den – in 2020 and more than 90 million pieces of Neuro gum and mints with names such as Energy & Focus, Calm & Clarity and Sleep & Recharge have now been sold.

The limited-edition tins are currently available with 180-piece bags of Energy & Focus mints or gum (£54) and 90-piece gum bags (£30).

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