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Wakatobi's Double Dip Diving Experience

This might be the perfect dive vacation: Start with a visit to one of the world's most iconic dive resorts, where you explore pristine...

Let’s Go to The Zoo

Wakatobi’s Dive Site #3, The Zoo A zoo is a place that can be enjoyed by everyone. So it's a fitting name for one of...

Getting Trigger Happy at Wakatobi

Discover why the triggerfish on Wakatobi reefs are worth a look. Though often overlooked by divers, triggerfish are worth a closer look. You often...

There Be Dragons Here

Recognizable by their long, thin body, high dorsal fins and expanded anterior nostrils ribbon eels (Rhinomuraena quaesita) bare an uncanny similarity to a mythical...

Wakatobi's Fascinating House Reef Regulars

Here is just a small sampling of what can be found on Wakatobi's House Reef. And as many divers and snorkelers who have experienced...

Wakatobi's Beautiful & Bold Touch-Me-Nots

Though you’d never guess it by looking, some of the more poisonous creatures in the world lie in wait on the reefs around Wakatobi...

There Be Dragons Here

To denote dangerous or unexplored territories on navigational charts in medieval times often included small illustrations of dragons, sea monsters and other mythological creatures....



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