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News round-up

Three die in Hurricane liveaboard fire, fatal tiger shark attack in Hurghada, tragic Titanic dive, £20K donation to Bite-Back, and ban on UK shark fins imminent.

DAN Europe Medical Q&A

Hints and advice from the Divers Alert Network, this issue on dealing with ‘stings’ from touching sponges underwater.


Mike Clark packs up the camping gear and heads to Lochcarron to explore the shore-diving sites in the depths of Loch Carron.

With hundreds of articles under his belt, and a hand in organising various renowned diving events, David Strike is a veritable mine of information, and with a diving history incorporating recreational, technical, military and commercial diving, you just know he is going to have some fantastic stories – and we were not disappointed.

Indonesia, part two

Byron Conroy continues his luxurious liveaboard cruise around Raja Ampat on board the Scubaspa Zen.

Mustard's Masterclass

Alex Mustard offers advice on shooting in kelp forests.

Macro photography

Richard Aspinall takes a look at a range of macro photography subjects, and explains how to capture the best shots of these cute critters.

Divers Alert Network

Tim Blömeke offers some handy hints and advice for the travelling diver.

Commercial diving

Scuba Diver’s YouTube guru Mark Newman will be heading underwater for some future video shoots, so that meant he needed to get HSE certified –  cue a trip down to Cornwall and Commercial Diver Training!

TECH: Malta

Kurt Storms dives the impressive HMS Southwold wreck.

What's New

We take a look at new products coming to market, including a range of Scubapro fins – new colours of the Go fins, the Go Sport Gorilla, and the S-Tek Fins – as well as a magenta filter for green water from SeaLife for the SportDiver housing, and Otinova drops for ear issues.

Test Extra

Scuba Diver Editorial Director Mark Evans rates and reviews the innovative Best Divers Python dive light, and the keenly priced Seac Sub PX100 regulator, and Publishing Director Ross Arnold emerges from his office to test the ProShot iPhone housing.

Chamber Diaries

Fit to Dive certificates, chamber toilets, fire extinguishers and a missing DVD.

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Mark Evans
Scuba Diver's Editorial Director Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. nearly 40-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.
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