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Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20


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Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. Cairns, Queensland, June, 2020. Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Grand Final Winner – Tanya Piejus

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Minke Whale (SLR)

Runner up – Hayley Eaud

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Manta (SLR)

Runner up – Damien Siviero

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Shark (SLR)

Runner up – Carsten Knopper

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Hawkfish (SLR)

Runner up – David Parker

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Clown Fish Eggs (SLR)

Runner up – Laurence Buckingham

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Jellyfish (SLR)

Runner up – Justin Bell

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Pygmy Seahorse (Compact)

Runner up – Alex Ufimtsev

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Reflection (Compact)

Runner up – Jamie Moose

Photo Competition Winner for 2019/20

Minke Whale (Compact)

Grand final winner of the 2019/20 Spoilsport onboard photo competition Tanya Piejus; congratulations go to Tanya and of course the fabulous images taken by the runners up.

It was a close competition and as always a difficult one to judge but Tanya’s image captured the essence typifying the experience encountered on our minke expeditions.

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions run expeditions to the Coral Sea and the far northern Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and the Cape York peninsula.

Currently running 5 Night Minke Whale Expeditions.

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Adrian Stacey
Adrian Stacey
Scuba Diver ANZ Editor, Adrian Stacey, first learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef over 24 years ago. Since then he has worked as a dive instructor and underwater photographer in various locations around the world including, Egypt, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and Saba. He has now settled in Australia, back to where his love of diving first began.
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