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Lionfish hunt in Grenada



Day three at the Dive and Conservation Fest in Grenada saw boats from dive centres across the island head out on a lionfish hunt.

Lionfish are a particularly beautiful creature, but they should not be here in the Caribbean, and this invasive species is causing havoc on the local reefs, decimating native species and seemingly with no natural predators as-yet.

Divers are currently the best way of dealing with these marauding fish, and with a tri-point spear are able to accurately catch and collect any lionfish they come across.

The best thing about these lionfish hunts is that the meat from the fish is especially delicious, so as well as removing an invasive species, you get to fill your bellies as well.

The Grenada DCF guests were out with Aquanauts Grenada on the hunt, visiting Windmill Shallows and Wibbles Reef in search of prey.

In the evening, it was back to the Victory Bar for another Conservation Conversation, this time with moderator Tiffany Geer working with Scuba Diver's Mark Evans and marine biologist and podcaster Nic Winkler (who took the great lionfish shot seen here) to discuss the lionfish-in-the-Caribbean issue. Chrispin from Aquanauts Grenada then did an awesome demonstration of how to correctly prepare a lionfish for cooking and avoid being jabbed by the spines.


A few shots from the lionfish hunting day with Aquanauts Grenada

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