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GO Diving Show ANZ set to make a splash in 2024


GO Diving Show ANZ

Rork Media Limited has announced the launch of a new annual dive show in Sydney, Australia, in September 2024 – the GO Diving Show ANZ.

Since its inception, the GO Diving Show has become a staple on the UK diving scene, providing the perfect kickstart for the beginning of the diving season, and the GO Diving Show ANZ aims to do the same thing for the local diving in Australia and New Zealand.

Rork Media Limited’s Editorial Director Mark Evans explained: “The whole ethos of the GO Diving Show from the very beginning was to create an educational, inspirational and interactive event suitable for everyone, from those interested in diving, through relative novices, to more-advanced divers and technical explorers, as well as snorkellers and freedivers.

GO Diving Show ANZ
The GO Diving Show Main Stage attracts huge crowds

“We have sought to do this in the UK through a sublime blend of expert speakers across a series of dedicated stages, mixed in with interactive features such as breath-hold workshops, virtual reality dives, cave systems, trydive pools and more, all surrounded by hundreds of exhibitors from around our blue planet, including manufacturers, distributors, tourist boards, tour operators, dive resorts, training agencies, liveaboards, and charter boats.”

He continued: “Our aim is to mirror this rich smorgasbord of content at the GO Diving Show ANZ, and create an annual event right before the local dive season gets started in Australia and New Zealand to further enthuse and invigorate divers in the region.”

GO Diving Show ANZ
Virtual reality dives have proved a hit at GO Diving Show, with even non-divers being able to go ‘diving'

Rork Media Limited is also the company behind the well-established Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand magazine – part of the global Scuba Diver brand which includes Scuba Diver UK and Scuba Diver North America – and Brisbane-based Editor Adrian Stacey is looking forward to a growing synergy between the two Australia and New Zealand focused entities.

“We have some incredible diving off the shores of Australia and New Zealand, which we will be aiming to showcase at the GO Diving Show ANZ, as well as diving destinations around the world that will whet the appetite for global travel,” he said.

“We want the GO Diving Show ANZ to resonate with divers of all levels of certification and experience, and so there will be stages dedicated to local diving, underwater photography and technical diving, as well as a Main Stage that will host some big-name speakers.”

To pre-register for the GO Diving Show ANZ in September 2024, either as an attendee or as an exhibitor, click here.

GO Diving Show ANZ
The Cave at the GO Diving Show was declared as being very close to actual cave diving

Photo credit: Jason Brown

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