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Fish stamps celebrate IoM’s marine diversity



The Isle of Man Post Office is releasing a set of six stamps featuring a range of sea fish found at the diving destination. The Marine Mosaics collection, based on artworks by local artist Kimmy McHarrie, is launched on 7 March.

McHarrie says her art has been inspired by a deep-rooted connection to the sea and a passion for conservation. “In creating Marine Mosaics, I wanted to celebrate the rich diversity of marine life found in the waters of the Isle of Man” she says. “Each mosaic tells a story of resilience and beauty, highlighting the importance of protecting our oceans for future generations.”

Her designs feature species native to Isle of Man waters, from herring (or skeddan in Manx) through red gurnard, mackerel and john dory to salmon (braddan), while the £1.28 stamp, which features the cod (boiddagh), has been chosen as the Europa postage stamp for 2024.

Europa is the annual joint issue of stamps with a common design or theme – in this case “Underwater Fauna & Flora” – by European countries’ postal administrations.

Kimmy McHarrie with the set of stamps and her new basking shark mural (IoM Post Office)
Kimmy McHarrie with the set of stamps and her new basking shark mural (IoM Post Office)

The Isle of Man stamps are valued at 85p, £1.28, £1.51, £1.82, £2.31 and £2.72 and are available in a variety of formats including Set, Sheet Set and limited-edition Presentation Packs and First Day Covers.

McHarrie has also produced a 3m-long mosaic of a basking shark called Interdependence. It incorporates local stone and recycled glass, and visiting divers can see it at Ronaldsway Airport.

Basking sharks can usually be seen around the Isle of Man between May and August, when they come to feed on surface plankton.

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