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Breitling watch found by British metal-detecting divers off Corfu


A Breitling watch worth thousands of pounds was just one item found by two metal-detecting British divers as they scoured the shallows off Corfu earlier this month.


Stephen Kershaw, who together with his friend Simon runs a YouTube Channel entitled GoandGarrett which is devoted to their metal-detecting exploits on land and underwater, came across the expensive watch on 8 May as they explored the waters off the Greek island.


You can see their reactions when they find the watch, along with a decent haul of other lost items, including rings, here.

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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Scuba Diver's Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. 30-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.

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