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Atomic Aquatics releases limited-edition T25 regulator


Atomic Aquatics has released an ultra-exclusive limited-edition regulator – the T25 – to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary.

The T25 is a highly evolved version of the iconic T3 all-titanium regulator, but it has been designed using an even-more exotic process.

To start, Atomic Aquatics machined the T25 from solid bars of titanium Ti-6AI-4V alloy. After this initial phase, we plated it with a new proprietary diamond-like hardness coating (DLC) which, as a by-product, produces a radiant, iridescent colour sheen. Atomic have dubbed it ‘burnt titanium’ to reflect its stunningly beautiful, durable and unique finish.

The T25 burnt titanium finish is highly unique and no two regulators appear the same.

The price for the UK market is yet to be announced, but you’ll have to be quick – there are extremely limited numbers available.

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