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A Sustainable Future in Dive Travel and Ocean Exploration.


A Sustainable Future in Dive Travel and Ocean Exploration.

ZuBlu and Paralenz are proud to announce a new partnership for a sustainable future in dive travel and ocean exploration.

Sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do here at ZuBlu, and a recent survey found that 92% of our community want to be more sustainable divers – a sentiment shared by Paralenz and a driving force behind their endless ingenuity.

Since 2016, Paralenz have established themselves as industry leaders, designing intuitive cameras specifically-built for life underwater, without the need for excessive housing and colorfilters. And now, they're taking things a step further, empowering divers all over the world to join the sustainability revolution.

A Sustainable Future in Dive Travel and Ocean Exploration.

From developing our products and engaging with our community, we want to confront environmental indifference and inspire people to speak for the ocean – as a seamless part of the dive” – Paralenz

Around 80% of all life on earth lives beneath the waves, yet humans have yet to explore over 90%. But with marine life in steady decline, there could hardly be a more pressing time to gather information and improve our understanding of this vital habitat. Paralenz have made it their mission to help and inspire each and every diver to speak for the ocean.

A Sustainable Future in Dive Travel and Ocean Exploration.

Not only is the new Paralenz Vanquita waterproof to 350m, made from 100% military-grade aluminum, and equipped with depth-controlled colour correction, it also records vital environmental data from every dive that you can share with researchers at the click of a button. Environmentally-conscious divers can now make each dive count towards a better future, whilst enjoying every minute underwater.

  • 92% of scuba divers want to become more sustainable divers
  • 85% of scuba divers want to book more eco-friendly travel options
  • 75% of scuba divers struggle to know what to look for when making their decisions

* Survey of ZuBlu community

A Sustainable Future in Dive Travel and Ocean Exploration.

Our new partnership with Paralenz will strengthen our ever-growing community of like-minded businesses and environmentally-conscious divers. Through this community, we hope to add weight to our voice in the ongoing conversation on sustainable dive travel and empower travellers to make sustainable choices at every step – from offsetting the carbon of their flight to choosing an eco-friendly resort, and collecting scientific data on every dive.

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About ZuBlu

ZuBlu was founded in 2017 by Adam Broadbent and Matthew Oldfield – professional underwater photographers with decades of experience throughout some of the most incredible underwater destinations and best eco-conscious dive resorts in Asia and the Pacific.

With over 500 eco-friendly resorts, liveaboards and dive centres to choose from, ZuBlu is Asia’s leading dive travel platform, bringing you the very best sustainable ocean adventures in Asia and beyond.

Our unique search feature puts the power of discovery in your hands.

About Paralenz

With a rich history of creating award-winning products, the co-founders of Paralenz wanted to create something dear to their hearts – a true dive camera made for a life underwater. A Kickstarter campaign set their dream to life, and the Paralenz camera was further shaped and developed in association with alpha testers all over the world: 250 divers from 38 countries.

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