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5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation



Divers Ready – 5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation

As you can probably guess from the title, this video will be offering some helpful tips to relieve the boredom of Coronavirus isolation.

1. Service Your Equipment 

As actually going diving is not currently an option, now is a great time to service equipment. While many dive shops are closed, their service centres might be open. Getting your equipment serviced now will not only mean that you are ready to dive when it is once again permitted, but you will also be helping to support your local dive centre.

2. Replenish your Save a Dive Kit

Make sure that you have all the O-rings you need, spare mask straps, fin straps and tools that you require to perform in the field repairs.

3. Plan Your Next Dive Trip

Now is a great time to plan your next trip, social distancing will not last forever and even if international travel is not an appealing prospect, there are plenty of dive destinations a lot closer to home.

4. Take a Course

With plenty of spare time on your hands and with many of the training agencies offering online learning it is a great opportunity to improve your skills and learn something new. Rather than having to learn all your theory while actually on your holiday why not get it out of the way now.

5. Read a Dive Book

Why not relax with one of the many great dive books out there and just read for the pleasure of it.

Author: James Blackman

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