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Scuba Diver Issue 71 out now!

Click here for Scuba Diver Issue 71 There is now a small monthly charge to read the latest digital Scuba Diver magazine. This mag will become free...

Scuba Mask Buying Guide Top 10 Tips

Set yourself a rough budget and spend some time shopping around. Don’t worry too much about looks and styles, focus more on features and fit.

Top 10 Dive Accessories 2022

One of the newer items that the scuba industry has adopted is ponchos. Much like a hat, protecting yourself from the elements between dives is important and can help prevent decompression complications as well.

My BCD Is Uncomfortable Can I Do Anything? #scuba #askmark Answering your scuba diving questions from our YouTube Comments Section. Question Sage S @sages7523 #askmark I recently signed up for my scuba class and I realised...

Underwater Delights Around Roatan In The Bay Islands Of Honduras

Michele Westmorland was captivated by the underwater delights around Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Flying into Roatan off the coast of Honduras, the...

10 More New Scuba Diver Mistakes

When you’re getting ready for a dive look around and see when and how quickly other divers are getting ready. Exposure suits like wetsuits and drysuits are made to keep you warm and comfortable in the water. Outside of the water you’re going to cook inside waiting to get into the water.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks In Search of Historic Shipwrecks

Scuba Diver North America’s Editor Walt Stearns heads for North Carolina’s Outer Banks in search of historic shipwrecks and sand tiger sharks. There is a...



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