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Sharks and seahorses in the River Thames

Seahorses, sharks, eels and seals have been found to have set up residence in the River Thames, according to a new study by the...
minke whale

Stranded minke whale put down

Despite the efforts of a host of organisations and groups, tragically, the juvenile minke whale that had stranded in the River Thames has had...
minke whale

Minke whale stuck in River Thames

BDMLR, the RNLI, the fire brigade and Port of London Authority workers were all called into action last night after a juvenile minke whale...

London seal euthanised after ferocious dog attack

A seal named Freddie Mercury - after the late lead singer of the band Queen - that had been delighting people in London with...
rescued seal

BDMLR aids hook-in-mouth seal in River Thames

A common seal in the River Thames with a fishing hook lodged in its muzzle was the latest casualty rescued by a team from...
river thames

River Thames claims record for highest levels of microplastics in any river

The River Thames has been applauded for getting cleaner, but now it has the dubious honour of claiming the record for the highest level...

Tragic end for the humpback whale in the River Thames

Sadly, the humpback whale that was sighted in the River Thames over the weekend has been found dead on mudflats near Greenhithe. As reported on...
humpback whale in River Thames

Humpback whale sighted in the River Thames

Scuba Diver has featured news stories in the past showing how the River Thames is supporting more marine life, and now it has another...

Thriving ecosystem shows River Thames has never been cleaner

The River Thames, which was classed as ‘biologically dead’ just 50 years ago, is now home to a positively buoyant ecosystem, which includes grey...
beluga whale in River Thames

Lost beluga whale in River Thames

Conservationists from various groups and organisations, as well as hundreds of onlookers, are on tenterhooks waiting to see if a beluga whale – normally...
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