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Scubapro launches winter drysuit promotion

Divers can look forward to the cold-water season this winter, as Scubapro is offering a free K2 Light undersuit set (top and pants) to...

Top 10 Scuba Drysuits For 2022

Where I’m from, drysuits are pretty much a staple for diving year-round, and they’re a fantastic tool for a scuba diver for insulation and...

Cold water diving – why do we do it?

Cold water diving, or more precisely, why do we do it? In this video, Editorial Director Mark Evans - a dedicated all-year-round cold-water diver...

Complete guide to exposure protection for scuba divers

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans presents an overview of all sorts of exposure protection for scuba divers, from basic rash guards through wetsuits to...

Santi Diving introduces new colour scheme for drysuits – Scarlet

Polish drysuit supremos Santi Diving have introduced a stunning new colour option in the E.Lite Plus and E.Lite Plus Ladies First drysuits - Scarlet. From...

Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth 2.0 Review (SRP: £1,895)

Fourth Element have carved out a niche for themselves in exposure protection, starting intially with undersuits, branching out into wetsuits, and then rounding out...

Underwater Photographer of the Week: April Bencze

What came first - diving or photography?  Diving came before photography for me. In fact, diving is purely to blame for my photography habit.  How did...



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