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First Underwater Photography School in Fiji

Fiji's First Underwater Photography Schools has opened in Pacific Harbour Fiji’s first ever underwater photography school has opened its doors in Pacific harbour, near...

Incredible Sunshine Coast Coral Reefs

Thriving Sunshine coast Coral reefs Discovered in a recent survey. Researchers from the University of Queensland embarked on a project to survey the reefs of...

What is Eating The Coral

Crown of Thorns Starfish Outbreaks We all know about the worldwide crisis coral reefs are facing on a day-to-day basis. From overfishing, pollution, climate change...

Why Wakatobi Has the Best Snorkelling Ever

Snorkelling is an underappreciated yet fantastic addition to your dive holiday. It’s a great way to kick back and relax, forget about the constraints...

Researchers Pioneer New Technique to Bolster Coral Growth in Great Barrier Reef

For the first time, researchers have accelerated the formation of new coral colonies on small areas in the Great Barrier Reef using ‘baby corals’...

Giant Blue Sinkhole Discovered In Great Barrier Reef

A giant blue hole in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has finally been explored by a team of divers and has shown it is home...



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