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BonaireTEK 2021 a great success

BonaireTEK 2021 - the 10th anniversary edition of this technical-diving-focused event - has wrapped, and has been declared a major success. The event, hosted at...

Buddy Dive Resort hosts 10th edition Bonaire TeK

Buddy Dive Resort is hosting the 10th edition of Bonaire TeK from 2-9 October 2021 - a week-long event for tech divers and those...

Buddy Dive Resort launches the Murphyn Henar Foundation

One year after the passing away of popular Buddy Dive Resort Divemaster Murphyn Henar, the resort has proudly launched the Murphyn Henar Foundation. Murph, as...

8 Reasons why Buddy Dive Resort is the Best Destination

There are many reasons to visit Bonaire, here are 8 Reasons why Buddy Dive Resort is the Best Destination for Your Next Dive Trip We...

Buddy Dive Resort announces tragic death of Murphyn Henar

Divers from around the world will be devastated to hear that Buddy Dive Resort Divemaster and boat captain Murphyn Henar has tragically died aged...

Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire celebrates 40th anniversary

Next year – on 19 August 2020, to be precise - Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire will celebrate that it’s been 40 years since they...



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