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Aggressor Adventures expand into BVIs

Aggressor Adventures has announced the addition of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) Aggressor to its line-up of excursions in the Caribbean, with trips starting...

Philippines Aggressor takes to the seas

Aggressor Adventures is pleased to announce its newest liveaboard yacht, the Philippines Aggressor, which embarked on its maiden voyage on 9 April. While there are...

Dive Guide to Indonesia

Scuba Diver Editorial Director Mark Evans teams up with liveaboard company Aggressor Adventures to present a whistlestop tour around some of the top diving...

Aggressor Adventures' new Cocos Island liveaboard

Aggressor Adventures have announced that from 13 January 2023, the all-new, 37-metre Cocos Island Aggressor will cruise from Puntarenas, Costa Rica, to Cocos Island,...

Aggressor Adventures partner with Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium and Aggressor Adventures have announced a new partnership creating the Ocean Science Leadership Programme. The innovative programme is designed to give young marine professionals a unique experiential...

Aggressor Adventures marks World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is tomorrow, 2 February 2022, and to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands conservation, Aggressor Adventures is releasing an informative...

Diver's guide to Roatan

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans presents a whistlestop guide to Roatan, compiled in conjunction with Aggressor Adventures.



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