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Superb CylinderBoss Comes to Australia


Superb CylinderBoss Comes to Australia

Easy and Paperless Cylinder Inspections with CylinderBoss

CylinderBoss Comes to Australia

CylinderBoss is a paperless productivity App designed by and built for cylinder testing stations and dive stores.  Running on Mobile and Desktop, it helps save time and improve customer service by reducing manual data entry and automating repetitive tasks.

CylinderBoss Comes to Australia

The CylinderBoss App was developed out of frustration for the paper based test sheets that were being used in New Zealand and were time-consuming to fill in. What started life as a simple digital replacement for the hand written carbon copy test certificates, developed into a fully integrated cylinder testing tool that takes care of the test certificates as well as communication with clients and data integration with other systems such as EVE or Xero.

CylinderBoss Comes to Australia

After a quick demonstration of the system, well-known Sydney dive shop owner Dennis McHugh of Frog Dive concluded “You’d have to be stupid not to use it”. Dennis offered to help develop the Australian version and provided invaluable input about the subtle differences between the two neighbours. Frog Dive went live with CylinderBoss in February 2020 and has since completed hundreds of cylinder inspections with CylinderBoss.

CylinderBoss Comes to Australia

Benefits for Cylinder Owners

  • Receive reminders about upcoming test dates
  • Receive electronic test report as soon as inspection was completed
  • Receive safety alerts about discovered safety issues with a cylinder type
  • Browse the inspection history for any cylinder
  • Browse safety alerts and notifications

Benefits for Cylinder Test Stations

  • Reduced administrative overheads
  • Digital, searchable archive of cylinder inspections
  • Increase through traffic of cylinders with pick-up reminders
  • Automated reminders to clients when cylinder inspection is due
  • Avoid accidental testing of withdrawn cylinders
  • Avoid duplicate data entry
  • Import and export data from/to your in-house software
  • Increased service levels

Test stations can check out the App and start a free 15 day trial at

There they will find instructions and videos on how to get set up and start using CylinderBoss.


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