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SubGravity acquires Golem Gear


Golem Gear

SubGravity, the Utah-based LLC which designs and builds trend-setting and award-winning equipment for the most-extreme diving environments on the planet, has acquired Golem Gear, a Florida-based brand known for cave diving equipment and rebreather design.

The official announcement was made on the third day of the DEMA show in Orlando. The move to acquire Golem Gear originated from a long-standing beneficial relationship between SubGravity and Golem Gear since SubGravity’s inception in 2014. The process began formally in Q1 2022, and the deal was signed on 3 November 2022.

“We are excited to announce this strategic acquisition and are looking forward to an exciting transition with new products and projects on the horizon,” said Josh Thornton, co-founder and President of SubGravity. “This important step will allow SubGravity to continue to grow and develop as a company and brand, directly benefitting the divers using the equipment we offer.”

Golem Gear
Sealing the deal for Golem Gear

The acquisition of Golem Gear fits into SubGravity’s strategy to continue providing well-designed, rugged dive equipment for discerning divers. By purchasing Golem Gear, SubGravity will expand its product line and strengthen relationships with suppliers as well as customers. Previous and existing customers from both companies can expect more-complete product availability, newly designed products and improved customer service.

“We are excited about this acquisition. It will benefit the diving community worldwide with the combined power of innovation and exciting new projects in the pipeline,” said Jakub Rehacek, founder of Golem Gear.

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