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Sofia Gomez Uribe sets new CMAS Constant Weight (Bi-Fins) World Record


Sofia Gomez Uribe

Colombian freediver Sofia Gomez Uribe has set a new women’s world record with a Constant Weight with bi-fins (CWT) dive to 86m.

The record was set this past weekend under World Underwater Federation (CMAS) rules at the Kas Baska freediving competition in advance of the CMAS World Championships being held there this week.

According to Gomez Uribe: “I took advantage of today to announce 86m with bi-fins and try to make a new world record, more relaxed and without the pressure of the World Championship. It worked and I succeeded. I will not say it was easy, it’s my first immersion in competition throughout the year and obviously the nerves did not wait, I fought until the end and I’m very happy with the result. Now to rest and recharge my energy for what is coming this week.”

Italy’s Alessia Zecchini this past weekend set the women’s CMAS Constant Weight with monofin World Record with a 107m dive.

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