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ScubaScreen launches reef-friendly ‘eco-cosmetics’



With a focus on environmental protection and saving the oceans, many people forget that the day-to-day products they use also have a profound effect on the planet, with the chemicals contained in shower suds and other cosmetic products ending up in our seas – ScubaScreen has introduced products that are reef-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

ScubaScreen is a cosmetics company that caters to ocean lovers, and it invites people to make the switch to products that help protect fragile ocean environments for their beach hair care routines and other personal care products. This allows ocean lovers to enjoy their time in the sea, knowing that they are not causing harm to the reefs.

According to ScubaScreen, most of the products that people use cause harm to corals and marine animals due to their ingredients that contain endocrine disruptors and parabens. These lead to reproductive problems for ocean ecosystems. To remedy this, ScubaScreen dived into finding a solution and after five years of research and working with formulators, they have launched products that are safer for humans, the reefs, and the environment. The launch of their eco-haircare range has signalled a change, with anticipation growing for the launch of their eco-sunscreen.

ScubaScreen 1
The ScubaScreen bottles are designed to look like scuba tanks

Erica Joyce, the co-founder and COO of ScubaScreen, notes: “We knew we had to do better to protect not only ourselves but the oceans. By formulating incredible products without the use of endocrine disruptors and parabens, we hope to inspire as many people as possible to make the change and avoid these ingredients in the future.”

Making reef-safe products for clients is ScubaScreen’s mission, guided by a commitment to creating cosmetics that don’t compromise on function. The haircare products use essential spearmint and tangerine oils to give a delicious mojito scent. The eco-haircare range is specially formulated for use in both fresh and saltwater.

ScubaScreen also features a bottle that is uniquely designed for scuba divers. “Our unique bottles contain a spare O-ring that can be used if you ever need one for your dive tank,” she added. ScubaScreen is also working on plastic-free refills that are expected to launch later in the year, as the company is committed to eliminating any single-use plastics.

In an effort to improve the world in any way possible, ScubaScreen also partners with charities, giving 1% of revenue back to marine-based charities. The company has established social media platforms to educate its audience on the benefits of using reef-friendly cosmetic products and let people in on their environmental conservation efforts.

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