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PADI on the hunt for new AmbassaDivers



PADI is now accepting applications (and nominations) for new PADI AmbassaDivers, and they are looking for people who champion their local dive environment and actively share their passion for the underwater world.

Do any of the scenarios below describe you or someone you know? If so, you may be in the presence of a future AmbassaDiver:

  • Learning to scuba dive (or freedive) was a turning point in their life.
  • Whenever you hang out, the conversation inevitably turns to diving.
  • They can’t walk (or swim) by a piece of debris without picking it up.
  • Their social media feed is full of underwater adventures, marine life memes and conservation messages.

The application is a short, online survey. Here’s what you need to know:

  • There’s no minimum age, but PADI require an active social media presence. In many countries, the minimum age for a social media account is 13.
  • There is a field for certification level. If you are not a certified diver or freediver, simply write ‘not certified'.
  • Be prepared to list relevant achievements and experience, and (briefly) explain how you, or the person you’re nominating, will inspire others to try diving and become ocean stewards.

The PADI team love looking at beautiful images from around the world (who doesn’t?), but pretty photos alone aren’t enough to be a PADI AmbassaDiver. As the name suggests, PADI are looking for people who are ambassadors for diving. An AmbassaDiver should inspire others to try diving, dive locally, and be a voice for the ocean.

A PADI Instructor who teaches a lot of students doesn’t automatically qualify to be an AmbassaDiver either. PADI Pros who aspire to become AmbassaDivers should make an exceptional effort to promote diving in their area and/or support conservation.

You don’t have to be a certified diver or freediver to be a PADI AmbassaDiver; however, one of the questions on the application is, ‘“'How will you inspire others to try diving and become ocean stewards?'”' If you’re not already a diver or freediver, consider how you will answer this question.

If your social media followers are passionate about conservation, travel, and/or ocean sports, PADI would love to introduce them (and you!) to scuba diving. In your application, tell PADI how you’ll encourage others to try diving once you’re certified.

PADI look for applicants with a strong and active social media following, but there isn’t a minimum follower number to apply. They recognize a small but passionate group can be more influential than a large, disconnected one.

That said, saving the ocean will take billions of us in a united effort. So, if all other factors are equal, the size of an applicant’s active following may determine who gets selected.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2023. Applications will be reviewed in October/November and new AmbassaDivers will be notified in December.

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5 months ago

Nice article but it doesn’t talk about the benefits of becoming an Ambasadiver. Brand Ambasadors in sewing get a free sewing machine and other brand products to try and show off to their followers.


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