As I write this news story, I am on the brink of setting off to Capernwray in Lancaster for my first dives in three months, for long-awaited test dives, but it appears some people couldn't wait to get diving again…

Just after midnight on Sunday 28 March, it became legal for groups of up to six people to meet up again for outdoor sports as COVID-19 restrictions start to be relaxed.

Without wasting a single second – and under the cover of darkness – a group of passionate scuba divers from Oyster Diving headed to a pitch-black, freezing-cold lake in Surrey. It had been nearly six months since these divers were last able to meet up underwater, and boy, did they love it – despite the conditions!

Mark Murphy, one of the divers and owner of Oyster Diving, told us: “The water may have only been 6 degrees C but it was great to see friends again and enjoy our passion. It might not have been the Maldives, but we still got to go underwater, see some fish and have a great time.”

Oyster Diving Website

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