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Mersey Divers – Developing the next generation

A troop of 32 scouts was recently introduced to the wonders of diving by Mersey Divers.


Mersey Divers is a forward-looking scuba club that is not willing to rest on its laurels, and instead is determined to make sure that our sport continues to grow and, through that, its own existence for another 65 years can be assured. It was with this in mind that it recently put on a trydive experience for a troop of 32 scouts of both genders, ranging from ten to 13 years old, to inspire them in the many, many benefits of scuba.

Tony Fitzpatrick, the Diving Officer of Mersey Divers, said “ The divers of today owe it to our sport, our passion for the underwater environment, to share it with future generations in order to empower them to understand more deeply what the sea is, and what exists within it, and how we all, old and young together, need to work to do more to protect it.”

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Mersey Divers is in the process of seeking Approved Activity Provider status within the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in both physical and skills in order to assist young people from across our communities to see scuba not just as a sporting activity, but also a set of skills involving learning, organisation, discipline, kit maintenance, and team building and working.

Mark Sheil, Scout Troop leader, said: “Whilst it has taken a lot of work to put together this event, the experience of today has left a very deep impression on our scouts. We are grateful to all at Mersey Divers for making it real!”

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Alan Jones, Chair of Mersey Divers, commented: “It is essential that the scuba community as a whole works together to make sure ‘Generation Z’ and the next generation is afforded every opportunity to get to know ‘The Sea, once its casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever!’ as Jacques-Yves Cousteau said.”

Thanks to Vince Clegg and Elaine White for their photography of the event, and all the many, many volunteers who gave up their Sunday to introduce these scouts to scuba.


Report by John Rice

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Mark Evans
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