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Manta Trust aims to inspire ‘new generation of ocean guardians’


Manta Trust

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference on the horizon, the Manta Trust has launched an exciting new online Education Portal where educators, parents and guardians can access free marine and environmental-themed lesson-plans, games and resources.

The Manta Trust consulted with over 500 teachers from 30 countries to develop the most-effective resources possible. These engaging, curriculum-linked materials aim to make it easy and fun to bring vital ocean and climate issues to the classroom and your home.

Manta Trust
This lesson-plan booklet is now available for free download on the Manta Trust Education Portal.

The core feature is the Ocean Education Booklet, which contains 17 innovative lesson-plans, spanning 14 school subjects and designed for use with students aged 7 to 14. The Manta Trust believes that conservation is interdisciplinary and that to effectively safeguard marine life and vital habitats, all members of society must be engaged, starting at the school level. They have therefore crafted lesson plans that span everything from Biology to Cooking, Maths to Languages, and Physical Education to Citizenship, to reach children and educators of all interests.

Resources will be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, making theme accessible to educators and families around the world.

Multimedia highlights include an Ocean Mindfulness Podcast, created specially by mindfulness coach MindLessFull to help students rest and rejuvenate their minds. The Education Portal’s Sustainable Eating video provides a fantastic overview of ocean threats and sustainability, while the Introduction to the Oceans video can be played in the assembly or classroom to introduce students to the topics.

Manta Trust
The Education Portal resources are designed to allow students to learn about critical concepts like climate change in ways that instill wider learning within the school and family.

The Ocean Education Booklet includes a Plan Guide that directs educators to the plans that best incorporate different curriculum concepts, as well as the International Ocean Literacy principles, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are delighted to finally have an online portal where educators can access the hundreds of ocean education resources we have been developing for years. Thanks to all the educators who have helped us to shape these lesson plans and activities,” said Flossy Barraud, Manta Trust Education Manager.

The Education Portal features plenty of fun games and activities to entertain and engage younger children too, including manta bingo, fish identification, mask-making and much more. Teachers can even make a small donation to the Manta Trust to book an interactive Skype a Scientist session for their students, connecting them with a member of the Manta Team to learn more about the oceans.

“Ashcroft Technology Academy’s virtual STEAM Club have thoroughly enjoyed and benefittedfromtheironlinesessionswithTheMantaTrust. Eachsessionhasbeenpitched perfectly to the current curriculum and provided the platform for wider understanding of global issues such as the impact of human activity and climate change on biodiversity in the oceans. The Manta Trust speaker has been an excellent STEAM guest, absolutely engaging her audience and welcoming their enthusiastic questions and perspectives. I highly recommend these excellent virtual sessions!” said Farah Khan, STEAM Coordinator, Ashcroft Technology Academy.

To find out more visit and join the Manta Trust in building a global network of ocean guardians, ready to take stewardship of our blue planet.

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