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Ghost Diving announces new chapter in the UK


Sarah Tallon Ghost Diving
Sarah Tallon Ghost Diving

Ghost Diving, the international volunteer diver organisation formerly known as Ghost Fishing, has announced the establishment of a new country chapter in the United Kingdom.

The Ghost Diving Foundation is headquartered in the Netherlands but has a worldwide presence. Through its international chapters in the Adriatic, Costa Brava, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Ghost Diving volunteers can be found in almost every sea and ocean – just like the ghost gear their missions aim at recovering.

Sarah Tallon, Ghost Diving
Sarah Tallon, Ghost Diving

Several technical divers will form two teams within Ghost Diving UK, each operating in their own area in both the north and south of the UK. Team North will be operating out of Tynemouth with their own boat, while Team South is based in Cornwall.

In line with the organisation’s modus operandi, Ghost Diving UK will also participate in global missions in collaboration with other international chapters. On a national level, partnerships will be established with local diving and conservation groups to form a strong front in the fight against marine pollution, especially that caused by lost fishing gear. They have already established a partnership with Healthy Seas, a non-profit environmental organisation that will take the nets and make sure they become a valuable new resource.

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