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Generation Sea Change takes sail


Generation Sea Change

GO Diving Show stalwart, author, TV presenter and all-round top bloke Monty Halls has embarked on his latest adventure – Generation Sea Change – and episode one is out now.

Monty explained: “It’s been a long road! This was initially a Channel Four series, but was postponed due to lack of budget from the channel, and by then we were so invested in the stories, the messaging, and the journey, that we decided – in finest Royal Marines tradition – to crack on anyway.

“With superb timing, Royal Caribbean Group swept in at short notice to back the project, as they too believed so strongly in the messaging.”

Episode one of Generation Sea Change can be viewed now

Monty continued: “And what is that tone, that ethos, that we’re proud to say runs through every film in the eight-part series? It’s trying to inspire the next generation of marine conservationists by telling the stories of current day conservation heroes, of communities who have risen up en masse to address issues such as pollution, plastics, and invasive species on their own doorsteps.

“We also meet citizen scientists, and entrepeneurs who have created genuinely effective technology to help our oceans.”

The first Generation Sea Change film is about a remarkable surfer in Bude who created a microplastics filter which can stop all and any of us adding to this global issue – a genuine game-changing device for which he has been nominated for an Earthwatch prize. And which you / we can all start using immediately if we wish, a ready accessibility which is such a huge part of effective solutions.

Monty went on: “The ultimate aim of this series is to educate and inspire young people – if we can create just one new marine biologist, one new advocate, one new influencer, then the job is done.”

Monty will be talking about Generation Sea Change, which will see him sailing around the coast of the UK next year on a yacht and meeting conservation heroes along the way, at the GO Diving Show on 2-3 March 2024.

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