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Fly with the sharks in the Bahamas on a Stuart Cove SEABOB



So now that Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has SEABOB water sleds for rent, one of the really cool things you can do is go shark diving on the scooter and keep up with the sharks.

While the sharks circle around majestically, the power and thrust of the SEABOB make the diving scooter strong enough to match these predators’ speed in their natural habitat. The nearly noiseless engine doesn’t disturb the silence underwater or scare the curious sharks. Diver and shark move with equal agility and elegance, blending into one world. You’re no longer merely observing from the outside, you’re going at the same speed as them.

Stuart Cove himself appreciates the advantages of diving with the scooter, saying: “The SEABOB blends perfectly into the underwater world and even the sensitive sharks aren’t irritated by them. I’m very happy about the co-operation with the CAYAGO AG and am convinced that divers worldwide will quickly become enthusiastic about the SEABOB as a modern underwater vehicle.”

The SEABOB was designed using modern lightweight construction standards and is equipped with a highly efficient electric engine. Components made of carbon, high-quality ceramic coatings and saltwater-resistant special metals ensure its low weight and guarantee trouble-free handling. The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System allows the pilot to glide almost silently and environmentally sustainably at a speed of up to 12 miles per hour through the world underwater. The SEABOB can be steered with one hand, allowing the operation of diving equipment and performing safety stops. The integrated TFT colour display allows the diver to see the current diving depth and water temperature at eye level.

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