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Emperor Divers announces third COVID Diver Hero



Emperor DiversIn February, Emperor Divers launched the COVID Diver Heroes initiative, where they aim to recognise eight people who have stepped up in the pandemic with free liveaboard trips in the Maldives and the Red Sea.

They are now delighted to share with you the story of their third hero, Megumi Gotada, who wins a free Red Sea liveaboard trip. Megumi was nominated by two different people, showing the effect she has had in her community, and so here we have the nomination from her friend and colleague Katharina Berger:

“My name is Katharina. I want to nominate my friend and colleague Megumi Gotada as a hero. She is working as a music therapist in a hospital in Berlin at the COVID department, playing the lyre for people who are suffering of severe complications. It was her free choice to accept to work in the COVID department, and she decided to do so, although her family and friends strongly tried to prevent her from doing so. What she is doing is very important, because the music gives warmth, hope and care for the soul. Most of the patients, who are isolated in their rooms in order to prevent any spread of infection, are elderly people, suffering from shortness of breath, and also from anxiety, depression and loneliness, which are states of mind that are really not helpful in the process of recovery. The beauty of the tender sound of the lyre and Megumis’ warm-hearted presence strengthen the people to gain hope and health again.”

Nominations are still pouring in daily and so far Emperor Divers have awarded three of eight heroes, and are welcoming more nominations from anywhere in the global diving community. Megumi was judged to be the deserving winner of a Red Sea liveaboard trip and Emperor have been in contact with her already – she has already been in contact to say how pleased she is. There are still two Red Sea and three further Maldives liveaboards to award to other heroes already nominated, or yet to be nominated. Anyone who would like to nominate a COVID Diver Hero should visit the Emperor Divers website (terms & conditions apply).

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