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Diving in Eyemouth – Your opinion matters


Eyemouth Harbour Trust puts out a call to divers to complete a survey as they seek to secure the long-term future of the harbour and surrounding area.

Eyemouth has provided safe moorings since at least the Medieval ages – there is evidence of a Harbourmaster as far back as 1214. What was once a traditional fishing village (located off the east coast of Scotland) has evolved and grown into a larger working port managed by Eyemouth Harbour Trust (EHT). Today, Eyemouth is home to a commercial fishing fleet and leisure craft.

EHT are making plans to secure the future of the harbour and the local community. They hope that Eyemouth Harbour will serve the offshore wind farm industry, hence EHT needs to make some physical changes in the area.

Eyemouth Harbour Trust understands that Eyemouth is a popular dive destination for divers because it offers excellent access to the shoreline and local clear waters. However, EHT now needs to change the road access to the popular dive sites Green Ends Gully and Nestends.

They want to do this in a considered manner for all users, including the scuba diving community. EHT is therefore asking divers to provide accurate, honest feedback to enable EHT to continue to facilitate shore dive from Eyemouth. Please help by completing the survey here.

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