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Dive Worldwide donates £1,000 to Bite-Back


Scuba diving travel specialist Dive Worldwide surprised Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation with a cheque for £1,000 at the Dive 2017 show in Birmingham last month.

The money had been raised through a client opt-in scheme over the past 12 months. This latest windfall adds to the impressive total of £4,460 already donated to the charity by the award-winning dive operator since 2013.

Director of Dive Worldwide, Phil North, said: “It’s easy to measure our reputation in terms of awards and satisfied customers, but that’s only half the story. At the core of our character is a profound love of the oceans. For that reason we’ve chosen to support the excellent work Bite-Back does to protect sharks and the marine environment.”

In the time that Dive Worldwide has supported Bite-Back, the charity has helped prompt 48 UK restaurants to stop serving shark-fin soup, abruptly ended the introduction of shark meat to hundreds of Iceland food stores across the country, and launched a campaign to end the 20kg personal import allowance of shark fins to Europe.”

Campaign director for Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “Dive Worldwide’s fundraising initiative is a lifeline for the work we do. We truly acknowledge their role in our ongoing success and feel very proud of the association.”

To find out more about Dive Worldwide’s impressive list of global dive destinations, visit www.diveworldwide.com. To find out more about Bite-Back’s campaigns, visit www.bite-back.com

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